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 The Buy-Back Program - Receive $100 Cash or Credit Today! 

 Whether you purchase a new Pimsleur® Course or Used Pimsleur Course, we'll buy it from you for $100 cash or credit toward another purchase!

In an effort to make learning a new language with Pimsleur® more affordable, we have created a Pimsleur® Buy-Back Program.  In this program, we purchase your used Pimsleur Comprehensive course(s) then give you a credit toward purchasing another course or simply buy it from you for cash.  Even if you didn't purchase from us, we will purchase your used courses!

Your participation in this program is voluntary.  You are not required to participate. However, if you choose to participate in the program, your participation indicates that you have completely read and agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Here’s how it works:
1. Purchase one or more Pimsleur Comprehensive Course (30 Lessons on 16 CDs)
2. Use the course for as long as you’d like.
3. Follow the instructions and rules below to sell your course to us for cash or a credit

If you purchased your course from us, you can receive:
Comprehensive Course Credit - $100.00
Comprehensive Course Cash - $100.00

If you purchased your course from another company, you can receive:
Comprehensive Course Credit - $90.00
Comprehensive Course Cash - $80.00

Example:  If you purchased Spanish Comprehensive level 1 and want to purchase level 2, follow the rules and instructions below to send bck the level 1 and receive a $100.00 credit toward the purchase of level 2.

That means you get the Comprehensive Level 2 for only $59.95-$89.95 + s/h!!

The Rules
We do not accept:
             Cassette or bookchip (SD Card) courses
             Courses with no Pimsleur carrying case
             Unlimited, Conversational, Instant Conversation, Basic, Quick & Simple, Compact, or Plus Courses
             Linguaphone Courses
             Courses that are not the most-recent edition (Click here to find out if your Pimsleur Course is the most-recent edition)

We accept courses in less than like-new condition with following deductions:

             Missing, torn, or ruined reading booklet - $10
             Missing, cracked, or scratched discs - $10 per disc (2 replacement discs maximum per course)
             Courses that smell of cigarette smoke or pet odors - $25 per course
             Courses with damaged, smashed, or warped cases- $25 deduction
             Because we resell your used courses to other customers, courses that are not cleaned (covered with dust or other grime) or have tape on the cover or anywhere on the Pimsleur case - $10 cleaning fee

Most of the courses that we receive from customers are given the full refund or credit.  Keep the courses in good condition while you have them and when you're done, send the entire course contents to us and you'll receive a full credit. 

Important Information
Courses that arrive to us in unacceptable condition, not meeting the above criteria, will not be accepted, no credit will be given, and the course will not be returned unless you pay the return shipping costs. 

You need to fill out the Buy Back Submission Form and the Buy Back Agreement (found below) and include them inside your Pimsleur course (not taped to the course in any way).  If both the Buy Back Submission Form and the Buy Back Agreement are not included with the return, the return will not be accepted. 

If you receive a course from us and feel that it might not meet our expectations when you return it, please contact us immediately.  You will be given a verification number to provide to us when you return the course so that we know that you contacted us immediately to report a problem.  If you return the course to us and you don't have this verification number, the deductions will be your responsibility.  This verification number will not be issued beyond 14 calendar days from the date that you receive the course. 

Mailing Instructions and Tips:
We suggest, for your protection and ours, that when sending the courses to us, you purchase a tracking number and insurance for the package.  We are not responsible for lost items with no tracking number.  If courses are damaged during shipment to us, it is the responsibility of the sender to make any claims with the freight company.

The Pimsleur cases often times do not hold the CDs in place very well.  Unless the cases are packaged within the box in such a way that the case won't bounce around inside the box during shipment, the CDs will become dislodged and scratched during shipment.  Package the course so that the case will not bounce around inside the box.  If the case isn't packaged well, this will likely result in deductions for scratched and ruined CDs or damaged cases.  Also, do not use tape on the CDs or the Pimsleur case for any reason.  Tape ruins the CDs and will also likely result in the deductions for ruined CDs or for having to clean the cases to remove the tape.

We highly discourage the use of shipping your course(s) in envelopes (whether padded or not) or just wrapping your course in paper.  We highly recommend using boxes for shipment so that the Pimsleur cases do not get smashed and ruined.  Almost all shipments that are sent in envelopes, padded or not, will receive at least a $15 deduction because of smashed cases.

As previously mentioned, your participation in this program is voluntary.  You are not required to participate.  However, if you choose to participate in the program, your participation expressly indicates that you have completely read and agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page.

If you would like to participate in the Buy Back Program, there is no need to call to notify us that you will be sending your course to us.  Simply print out the Buy Back Submission Form and Buy Back Agreement (found below), and follow the instructions on the form and this page. There is no time-limit on returning your courses.  As long as the course is the most-recent edition when you send it back, you can take as long as you need.  Once Simon and Schuster releases a newer edition of your course, you have a 3-month grace period to send the older edition back to us if you originally purchased the course from us. 

If you would like to use the credit from your Buy Back toward the purchase of another course, please write on the Buy Back Submission Form which course(s) you would like to purchase.  You can purchase any product sold by Elite Commerce, Inc.  The course that you purchase does not have to be in the same language as the course you are returning.

We have two options for purchasing your course for $100 cash:

1 - Credit Card - We can refund to the credit card that you used to make the original purchase.  If you choose this option, courses must be received and processed by us within 55 days of the date of the original credit card transaction.  The refund will be issued within 3 business days after the Buy Back has been processed.  If you request a refund to your credit card but the course is received and processed after the 55-day period, or if the amount of your original purchase of that item was less than the amount to be credited back to you, the payment will automatically default to a check refund and you must follow the applicable rules below for a check refund.  We cannot issue refunds to your credit card if you did not originally purchase the course from us.

2 - Check - We can send you a check through the US Postal Service. If you are requesting a check payment (not a credit card refund), in an attempt to reduce errors in issuing the check, we require that you contact us by phone to verbally verify the address information before we send your check.  Please allow 5-7 business days after we receive the course to contact us to confirm your address.  Checks that are not claimed by calling to confirm your address within 3 months will be forfeited and the item(s) will not be returned - no exceptions.

If you are requesting a credit to your credit card, there is no need to contact us to verify your address information.

Please send your course(s) to:

Pimsleur® Buy Back Offer
1810 Cabellaro Dr
Ammon, ID 83406
(Idaho Falls as city is acceptable)



These forms needs to be printed and then filled out by hand for inclusion in your Buy Back return shipment. We require these forms for tax and legal purposes. Your return will not be accepted without the Buy Back Submission Forms completed and included with your shipment.  You will need the Adobe Reader or other PDF viewer to view the form.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Buy Back Program
  • I don't want to lose any time in my studies. Can I purchase the next level before returning the current level?
    Yes. The best way to accomplish this is the purchase the next level and then we can refund the money for your return to the same credit card you used to purchase the next level. You can send back the courses at any time. We don't need to receive the current level before sending the next.

  • Do you have a preferred method of receiving shipments?
    No. You can send the course by USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. The only recommendation that we have is to put a tracking number and insurance on the package. We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.

  • Can I buy another language or another product that you sell such as Linguaphone with my credit?
    Yes. You can use your credit toward any language course that Elite Commerce, Inc. sells. For Linguaphone items, please visit

  • If I didn't purchase my course from you, can you still send the payment to my credit card?
    No. We can refund to credit cards only if (a) the course was purchased from us and (b) if the course is returned, received, and processed within 55 calendar days of the date that your credit card was originally charged.

  • Do you purchase the Plus courses, the Compact courses, or Basic as part of your program?
    No. We purchase only the Comprehensive level courses (16 discs, 30 lessons).

  • Do I have to return my course within 55 Days?
    Only if you want your refund returned to your credit card. Otherwise, you have as long as you want to return your course as long as it is the most-recent edition. We will then issue you a check in the mail.

Updated 1/26/2010

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